Who am I ❓

Rai Sonahang || राई सोनाहाङ

I am a web geek from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been building responsive websites for years, which comply with the latest design trends. I love to create an eye pleasing design for my client website. I also love to make apps in Node with MERN technology.

npm i
  • react
  • react-dom
  • next
  • styled-components
  • axios
  • redux
  • react-redux
  • redux-saga
npm i
  • express
  • mongoose
  • dotenv
  • bcryptjs
  • jsonwebtoken
  • cors
  • @babel/cli
  • @babel/core
  • @babel/node
  • @babel/preset-env
Hamrobazar V2

Hamrobazar V2

The next version of Hamrobazar an online c2c commerce site is made with REACT.



A ride sharing app landing page made in NextJS.